Why is it important to have your carpet, rug & upholstery professionally cleaned?

  • It removes bacteria deeply embedded beneath the surface, giving a full deep sanitising clean, helping to protect you & your household from germs, even more important given the current climate with Covid 19.
  • Overtime build-up of dirt, dust and mites gets deeply rooted into your carpet, furnishings and mattresses and other upholstery items, which can lead to possible health problems.
  • Children and pets unfortunately can leave foul and embarrassing stains on your carpet and furniture, causing bacteria build up and unpleasant odours.
  • Removing the bacteria, odours and with a deep clean will prolong the life of your carpet & upholstery, .
  • Thinking it is time to buy a new carpet or furnishings, having it professional cleaned will revive and restore it to its former glory, removing the bacteria, stains and odours will prolong the life of your carpet giving it a new lease of life and will save you lots of pennies.
  • Protection from future stains and potential damage
  • If you have a business premises such as end of tenancy or commercial offices, it could save you money, revamping the rental property or your offices with a deep clean will save you from having to fork out on a new carpet or chairs, leaving them looking almost brand new.
  • A dirty carpet, especially in areas such as hallways, walk throughs to the kitchen, bathroom or meeting rooms can be prone to stains and heavy trafficking. Especially if you have customers which come to your premises, first impressions can count and a deep clean in your offices or rentals will keep the environment safe, sanitised, helping to get rid of bacteria, protecting workers and clients.